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The congregation of Emory United Methodist Church meets in Memorial Chapel on the campus of Emory & Henry College.

Constructed in 1957-58, the building was made possible by numerous gifts, large and small, from alumni and friends of the College. The building was named so as to be a memorial to everyone who has been connected with the life of the College.

Memorial Chapel is perfectly aligned with Wiley Hall, reflecting the College's dual commitments to intellectual attainment and religious commitment. The entrances of the two buildings are lined up, and the Chapel steeple reaches a height exactly equivalent to the top of the Wiley Hall bell tower.

Everyone is welcome to worship with us!  We the people of the Emory United Methodist Church affirm that our church is inclusive and open to all people.  We are a Reconciling Congregation, affiliated with the Reconcilling Ministries Network, which means that we welcome all persons into full participation in the life of our congregation regardless of age, gender indentity, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, marriage status, or phyisical or mental condition.  For more information please see www.rmnetworkorg.



The Body of Christ as a Pilgrim People

As part of the Body of Christ, the Emory United Methodist Church is a pilgrim people, journeying with God in this place. 

While each of us brings to God different gifts, talents, and vision, and knows only a small part of the valley through which we cross, ours is a shared journey into which God daily calls each of us and for which Jesus Christ daily equips us and gives us the example of his own pilgrimage of faith, hope, and love. 

Our pilgrimage is one of radical grace, believing that all of creation, all of life, terribly fragile and wondrously resilient, is a gift, offered to all people.

As Godís pilgrim children, we are both recipients of that grace and stewards of it, called to praise God who is its source.

Our Service in the World

We give expression to our pilgrimage, and give voice and melody to our praise, through our service in the world and our welcome of the stranger among us.

Our Common Life

On this pilgrimage, we are called by God to be honest about our lives, our doubts, our mistakes, our questions, and our needs as human beings who seek integrity of spirit and life.

As children of God, our shared pilgrimage is one of the heart and of the hands, a long process of living out the journey, its questions, its fears, its pleasures, and its solaces.

Our Common Worship

Our common worship, the rites and rituals of the Church, are one means of giving expression to those heart matters, of strengthening those hands for the work of stewardship and service, of helping each other in the journey.

Worship is the community together to teach and to learn the ways of Godís pilgrim people.

In worship we are reminded that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who in their time and place had also been pilgrims on Godís journey.

A Pilgrim People

Like those who have gone before us on this journey, sometimes, our steps are hesitant and faltering; sometimes, we run the pilgrimís race with assurance and grace. 

At all times, it is God the creator, Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit that calls us into this pilgrim way, leading us on to new questions, new work.

This is who we are and who we are working together to be.





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